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Birch Memorial
A square decorated tower with a portrait bust and four panel illustrative of the growth of civilisation.

Chung Thye Pin Building
This elegant three-storey corner building from 1907 originally housed the Medical Hall established by Dr. R.M. Connoly.

Dramatists' Hostel
Adding to the existing rich splendours of Perak the Hotel is still very much in operation, albeit serving a different purpose.

Dutch Fort, Pulau Pangkor
It was one of the Dutch strongholds against pirates and local Malays during the Dutch occupation.

Gua Tempurung
With stupendous natural features, the cave stretches over 1.3 kilometres, is believed to have been in existence since 8000 BC.

Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation
This outstanding corner building, an example of Victorian neo-Renaissance architecture.

Ipoh Railway Station
The Ipoh's 'Taj Mahal'. The Ipoh Railway Station bears close resemblance to its counterpart in Kuala Lumpur.

Jan Sahib's Office and Others
This building was originally a block of commercial stores with features of elaborate classical pediments and Gothic elements.

Jaya Villas
Typical of many Chettiar halls, the facade is decorated with glazed embossed wall tiles.

Kek Lok Tong
Kek Lok Tong is the most recent of the Ipoh cave temples and perhaps the most spectacular of them all.

Pangkor Carnival
Dec 29 - Jan 01, 2005
Perak Christmas Celebration
Dec 26 - Dec 26, 2004
Perak Iron Bound Challenge - Taipin...
Dec 18 - Dec 19, 2004
Malaysia Rainforest Challenge 2004
Nov 28 - Dec 07, 2004
Deepavali - Malaysian Open House
Nov 27 - Nov 27, 2004
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