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Pulau Pangkor (Pangkor Island), the most popular holiday destination in Perak, welcomes visitors with its serene golden beaches, crystalline blue waters and cool refreshing breeze. Located off the shores of Lumut town, about 90 km southwest of Ipoh, this island definitely makes an ideal gateway. Modern facilities and a wide range of sun and sea activities such as scuba diving, windsurfing, fishing, and snorkeling are available.

The name Pangkor actually originates from the Thai word 'Pang Ko' meaning 'Beautiful Island'. This is a very apt description for this island in the sun. The people of Pangkor are mostly fishermen (who catch mainly cuttlefish and anchovy) and local traders who live in a chain of villages that thread along the eastern shores facing the mainland.

Spreads along the seven km stretch of coastline are the quiet Malay kampungs (villages) of Teluk Dalam, Sungai Pinang Kechil, Kampung Masjid, Teluk Kechil and Teluk Gedung.
Pangkor Carnival
Dec 29 - Jan 01, 2005
Perak Christmas Celebration
Dec 26 - Dec 26, 2004
Perak Iron Bound Challenge - Taipin...
Dec 18 - Dec 19, 2004
Malaysia Rainforest Challenge 2004
Nov 28 - Dec 07, 2004
Deepavali - Malaysian Open House
Nov 27 - Nov 27, 2004
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